E .Pamela Heather


The Learn-Write Centre

Biographical Profile

Type of Business:

Educational Assessment and Prescriptive Tuition for Special Needs and Specific Learning Difficulties.

Marketing Area: International

Major Products & Services: Rapid Learning Courses for countering dysgraphia, dyspraxia, ADHD/ADD, Asperger's Syndrome and all other neurological disorders. The Centre offers a Teaching Treatment Service for countering dysgraphia and allied specific learning difficulties such as: writing illegibility, writing inaccuracies, tremor, hand cramp and dystonia. Other Teaching Treatments are offered for the improvement of written English: for writing at length, for reading, spelling, examination techniques, and inference difficulties (answering examination questions).


The countering of dysgraphia, a handwriting disorder that also affects written expression. The countering of Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (light sensitivity) a condition that delays and inhibits the acquisition of early reading skills. Expertise in the teaching of organisational skills (written English) and spelling. The Centre also coaches students for public schools' entrance examinations.


Reading - information technology - geneology- cooking - keep-fit.


Diploma for Teachers of the Handicapped in Schools, Hospitals, and in their Own Homes (1962).

Teaching Diploma (1965).

Teacher Fellowship, Nottingham University (1987 - 1990).

Post Graduate Diploma in Research and Remedial Practice , Loughborough University(1997).


Dyspraxia Trust

The International Graphologist

The United Kingdom Reading Association

IPSEA, The Independent Panel for Special Education Assessment.


National Curriculum Award for Ashmount School's Work in the Community (1987) , awarded by Schools Curriculum Award, and sponsored by: The Society of Education Officers and Association of Directors of Education in Scotland and Wales.


Church of England

VIP Biographical Profile

Place of Birth:


Children(s) Names:

Jamie & Lauren

Spouse's Name:

- deceased

Work History:

  • Assistant Teacher, Spondon Training Centre, Derby (1954 -1960).
  • Assistant Teacher - Ivy House School, Derby (1960 -1965).
  • Headteacher of Elm Bank School for the Cerebral Palsied, Nottingham (1969 -1974) .
  • Headteacher - Ashmount School, Loughborough, Leicestershire (1974 -1990) .
  • 6) Principal of The Learn-Write Centre 1990...

Career Achievements:

Initiator and Organiser of the first, 6th Form Unit for handicapped students, Quorn Rawlins School - funded by Leicestershire Education and the Mental Health Foundation.

Coordinator for 16+ Initiatives in mainstream education.

Initiator and Organiser of the first, two year Pilot Link Course for Handicapped Students Students at the Charles Keene College, Leicester.

Instigator and Organiser of Riding for the Disabled in Leicestershire; also for competitive gymnastics for the East Midlands Area.

Vice Chairman of U.K Sports East Midlands Region.

Joint Organiser for East Midlands Swimming Group for the Knowsley Games (1982).

U.K. Sports Representative on the B.S.A.D Committee.

East Midlands Organiser for The International Games (1983).

Elected as an England Coach to accompany the England team to the first, International Summer Special Olympics held at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.

The Independent Panel for Special Education Advice (IPSEA) - a witness for families attending Special Education Tribunals and Appeals (voluntary work).

The development of a unique system for countering dysgraphia.