Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, we operate a waiting list.

How long is the waiting list?

We have a two-year waiting list. Everyone on the list is dealt with in order and offered earlier appointments if they become available. Of course, it is impossible to say when, and if, earlier appointments will become available. If you are more flexible in your approach and able to attend the centre at anytime, within reason, it is more likely that you will benefit from a cancellation.

Do we ever get cancellations?

We very rarely get cancellations, but we do sometimes have people wishing to alter their appointments. This occurs when a child is ill, or, they have other commitments that they were unaware of at the time of booking their appointment.

Are there any other Centres in the UK?

Unfortunately there are no other Centres in the UK at the present time.

Are the results guaranteed?

Yes, results are guaranteed, if the programme is adhered to.

Do we have any other teachers at the Centre?

At the present time we do not have any other teachers at the Centre.

How long does the assessment take and how much does it cost?

What is involved?You need to allow three hours for the assessment (£480). Help and advice on handwriting, reading, spelling and other functional skills, will be given. A developmental history is also covered. The centre charges £120 per teaching hour, but very few teaching hours are required. The two programmes required to counter dysgraphia can be staggered according to need. Higher standards of written English develop more quickly using the Learn-Write methods than by any other teaching system currently operating today. A few younger students may take a little longer, depending on the severity of overlapping disabilities. The Learn-Write Teaching System for countering under-achievement in written English is cost effective - six hours to change a handwriting style, and three, or four hours, to improve the organisation and presentation of written English. Conventional weekly tuition is expensive because it is ongoing, and in addition, there is the time and weekly travel costs to be considered. Everything is carefully explained during the assessment and there is no hard sell to continue further. The decision to book is left with the parents and the student. Parents of home-educated children are especially welcome and are given ongoing support, if required.

My child has been assessed by an Educational Psychologist, why is it necessary to have another assessment?

It is necessary to have another assessment, because our assessment objectives are to establish what the child's physical and functional difficulties are, and we offer advice on how to help them - in the classroom - in examinations - with homework, to make life easier for both parent and child. Please note that a written report is not included in the cost of the assessment.


It is necessary for a parent to be at the assessment as Mrs Heather may wish to ask questions regarding the child/student's early developmental stages (this does not apply to adults seeking the Centre's services).

Do I need to be present during the other programmes?

The majority of children are happy to work with Mrs Heather on their own, but if a young child is anxious then the parent can stay. If the parent wishes to wait at the Centre there is a waiting room and a kitchen that can be used. It is essential that the parent/guardian returns to the centre at 3.30pm, prior to the end of the session so that Mrs Heather can go through the programme with them.

How long after the assessment will we have to wait to undertake the appropriate programme?

It is difficult to be specific, as this depends on whether you require an appointment during term-time or the school holidays, and exactly how many appointments are required. In some cases appointments can be made quickly, but in certain circumstances there may be a wait of a number of months.

Can I book into the handwriting programme at the same time as booking the assessment?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to book the handwriting programme when booking an assessment. It is necessary to assess the child / adult to see exactly what appointments they require. Prior to you attending for an assessment you will be offered some provisional appointments for the Handwriting Programme.

If necessary, am I able to change the appointments for the handwriting programme once they are booked? And if so, is there a charge?

It is possible to change the date of the appointments, subject to at least 48 hours notice, and there would be no charge for this. Due to the demand for appointments, we would prefer longer notice, so that we have time to offer the appointment to someone on our lengthy waiting list.

Is the Centre open at weekends?

The Centre is not open weekends, except by special arrangement to accommodate Irish Airline fllights.

Is the Centre open during school holidays?

The Centre is open during the majority of school holidays.

What is the youngest age that can be taught or assessed at the Centre?

The youngest age that can be assessed at the Centre is 2+, and a home programme can be set. The youngest person that can be taught is 5+.

Are young children allowed frequent breaks during the handwriting programme?

We ask all parents to bring a packed lunch, drinks and snacks for their child as regular breaks are usually required during the handwriting programme.

Can help be obtained with funding students?

A number of parents/students have been successful in obtaining funding to attend the Centre. However whilst we can offer advice and addresses, we are unable to apply directly on behalf of parents / students. In exceptional cases, where adults live on their own and can neither read nor write, we may be able to find an organisation to help them.

Is there a discount if a sibling attends the Centre?

Due to the demand of the system it is not possible to offer a discount if more than one child from a family attends the Centre.

Is the deposit refunded in full if we cancel the appointment?

The deposit is refunded, less 25% administration charge, if we receive 48 hours notice of a cancellation. Due to the demand for appointments we would prefer longer notice so that we have the time to offer the appointment to someone on our lengthy waiting list.

Are there any charges not covered by the programme fees?

The cost of a prescribed pen is included in the programme price, but any additional pencils, grasp aids or other sundry items that help, can be purchased at the end of the teaching treatment for prescriptive handwriting.

Is the teaching on a 1/1 basis?

All teaching is undertaken on a 1 /1 basis.

Why can't children do any other writing during the period of the Handwriting Programme?

Children / adults are unable to do any other handwriting during the period of the programme, because it is necessary for them to transfer their memory from their former handwriting style to their new style. They will be required to carry out a writing practice - one hour a day for seven days, returning on the eighth day for a three- hour teaching session

Can the children/adults use a computer when they are not allowed to write for one week?

They are able to use a computer during the handwriting treatment.

Can the children write numbers during the week of handwriting programme?

Children can write numbers, but not words, during the handwriting practice programme.

How far are we from the railway station? Is it walking distance?

We are 5 minutes away from Long Eaton Railway Station (by car). It is probably too far to walk (20 minutes).

Is it necessary to stay overnight?

It is not necessary to stay overnight. The longest appointment at the Centre is 10.00am until 4.00pm