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A review of the results achieved at the Centre was posted on the above website in February 2008

The Learn-Write Centre report on: Experiences of the Learn-Write Centre Handwriting Module

I learned of the Centre via the recommendation of the Educational Psychologist who confirmed my son`s Dyslexia. Whilst the centre was not local to us, I considered it to be worthy of further exploration, the centre`s rationale was that once a more flowing cursive handwriting style was adopted there would be an improvement in the dyslexia as so much effort was focused on the writing it was exacerbating my son`s difficulties, I also hoped that the tendency to reverse letters would be reduced.

Our experience was that after assessment in just two sessions the Principal was able to prescribe handwriting tools which perfectly matched my son`s need, she created an individualised alphabet which contained letters that where both significantly different from each other to counter act the tendency to reverse certain letters in addition the new letter movements were more easily achievable. The practice sheets in between each session were undertaken and the final results were amazing his handwriting has been transformed beyond recognition.

Initially, there is a worsening of spelling because as with any new skill it takes time to be assimilated and become automatic, but within the 6/8 weeks that it takes for this to happen I fully anticipate a huge improvement and will confirm this once this time has elapsed.

Professionally, I am saddened that there is not replication of this service at a local level across the country so that many more children have access to the potentially life changing provision my son has enjoyed. It unlocks potential and gives a better mechanism of self expression and raises self esteem; this should be for each child a right, not a privilege.

With grateful thanks,
Dip Cot SROT Senior Practitioner Occupational Therapy

Update August 08

Several months have elapsed since my first entry, I can confirm that my son's hand writing has gone from strength to strength. I am willing for before and after samples to be viewed at the centre. He writes much more fluently now and standardised tests show that his spelling is improving.The fact that he does not have to put so much effort into handwriting has greatly contributed to this, in addition he no longer reverses d and b which is a big gain. I am delighted with the results which have far surpassed our expectations.
Dip Cot SROT Senior Practitioner Occupational Therapy

November 2010: A recommendation from a grateful parent

Despite being extremely bright, my son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome and dysgraphia, struggled for years with handwriting. His writing, at age 13, was similar to that of a 7-year-old and he struggled to keep up in class. Teachers refused to accept his disruptive behaviour was a direct result of his need to avoid handwriting at all costs, and labelled him ‘lazy’. In desperation, I contacted the Learn Write Centre and can honestly say that it is the best thing I have ever done.

From the first session, it was almost as though ‘a light had been switched on’ as Mrs Heather worked her magic, building a tailor-made handwriting programme to suit my son’s needs. Within two weeks, he was proudly showing his new, beautifully neat handwriting to a large group of very sceptical 1-1 support assistants. The amazement on their faces, as I explained how they could help to reinforce the new writing style, was a pleasure to behold. It took only a couple of months for the new handwriting style to become second nature, and he can now write better than most adults can. He is, for the first time in his life, enjoying writing. The reason he writes a little slowly these days is due to his determination to produce neat work at all costs.

My son is now studying for GCSEs and his English teacher says he is a pleasure to teach and his handwriting is the neatest in his class– words I had never thought to hear. For us, Mrs Heather has been a miracle worker and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

MOD Office Manager